Basic Information - Political Entities

Basic Political Overview
The largest player, both in political clout and land-occupied, is the Empire of Turin. Commonly referred to as simply “The Empire”, it’s population outnumbers the rest of the countries around it combined and is far more powerful. It is composed of kingdoms that have, for one reason or another, bowed to the will of the Emperor. Each Provence is referred to as a “Sub-Kingdom” and it’s original name. Each Sub-King is allowed to rule in the Emperor’s name as s/he see’s fit with very little Imperial interference unless trade is disrupted. This has made for a multi-cultural society that tend to be very similar to those around it, splitting the Empire into five districts; Western, Eastern, Seaward, Outward and the Core kingdoms. The Homeguard is an agency of the Empire. See Races for more details on the population of the Empire.

Next in power and size but not population is the Forest Realm of Dagcor, situated on the border of the Western Province. It is an Elven-dominated primal forest with sudden cities popping out in seemingly random patterns. Their society is split into two Castes; with High Elves at the top and the rabble of Human loggers and Halfling freetraders at the bottom. While on the surface the two castes rarely interact with each other except when forced to, the presence of large numbers of Half-Elves points to more interesting statistics. A small community of Wood Elves exist here as well. Dagcor is a member of the Pact.

East from Dagcor as you look to the Emperor is the insular Eladrin Kingdom of Glendore. Primarily consists of the strange Eladrin elves and Half-Elves. There are rumors abound as why there is such a large Half-Elf population. Not part of the pact, it has instead sent out it’s trouble-makers and political-activists into service with the Homeguard.

On the shores of the Howling Sea is the powerful City-State of Mercy Fort. It started as a pilgrimage site that then got sacked so many times the pirates settled down and took over. Now common seafolk rub shoulders with the pious and the dangerous. Crime has been organized into taxable guilds, and law-enforcement has a progressive bribe-cost chart at every office. This strange combination of honesty in corruption has stood for over two hundred years and it’s citizenship is as loyal as ever. It’s population is a combination of God-born and other, stranger folk. The largest population of Dragonborn outside the Emerald Lands exists in the outskirts of the city. Member of the Pact.

On the frontier stands the Republic of Himmelshire; a collection of human towns, tiefling enclaves, halfing shires and goblin warrens that banded together against monsters beyond their borders. These independent-minded people enjoy simple pleasures and the safety of others. The strange, skeletal Obuti are an eerie presence in many a town. A strong proponent of the Homeguard and enthusiastic member of the pact.

On the other side of the Empire from Himmelshire stands the Nine Holds, where four dwarven Kings and three dwarven Queens hold absolute power over their underground cities while the dottering old Impirator sends out increasingly strange demands and laws. Of the two remaining, one is in a succession struggle and the other is a testament to the dangers of the world. Along with the dwarves that live under the mountains there are the Goliaths above, trotting the same paths their ancestors did as the Empire was founded. Member of the Pact.

Across the Howling Sea stands two lands that stands against the wall of fire that circles the sphere. The Emerald Lands, where Dragons first made landfall. Dominated by the many Dragonborn houses, it is a land of wild dangers and elemental pitfalls. Off shore of the Emerald lands is also a large archipelago of islands known as Ivory Isles. With it’s fiercely guarded caste system, the only known human or gensai to leave are renegades and political refugees.

Basic Information - Political Entities

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