“Hail and well met Homeguard agents! Once again we bring you the rules and regulations that set you aside from the common adventurer and hero. The nuances and caveats that provide a barrier between US and those who seek to us do harm. As a Homeguard agent you are expected to always work in the defense of the people of the Empire. You are the last line of defense between the common man and the horrors of our world. Serve well. Serve with distinction. Your sacrifice will be remembered.”
Emperor’s Attendant Archduke Maylorn Von Geneva
Grand Lord of the Homeguard

Hello and welcome to the sphere of Turin, home to my campaigns for the past three years. This is a world of cultists scratching at the walls of reality, where Dragons hide among the mortal races to escape some unnamed conflict and the Gods bow their heads to the mortal leaders of the world. It is a society reeling from the loss of entire armies to the recruitment drive of the now departed Grand Army. The Empire needs people. They need the has-beens and the never-was, the crazy and the desperate. All the heroes have gone off to war. It’s time for the B-team. It’s time for the Homeguard!

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